Still Recovering From The Flu.

Today was supposed to be the day my feet hit the floor and I would be feeling at least 50% better Ha, another pipe dream and I believe I may have been outside the 48 hour window of medication effectiveness. I at least had the honor of Magnus as my in illness partner. Some things did get done today I spoke with DSS re: my disability claim that they have been grossly mishandling. The time frame is 3 to 5 months from the time the claim was submitted  which was 8/1/2012, so we are in month 6 and they are still sending out requests for medical information. So I have been on the phone making sure medical providers are getting the requests and sending the evaluations out ASAP. To top all that off my Tamiflu is making me act paranoid and delusional, or the flu is making my mental illness issues really bad. I was asked by my Therapist and Psychiatrist if it was to the point of being hospitalized as they were worried about my complaints and symptoms. Of course I said "Fuck That Yo!" In reality, I should be in a locked Psych Ward, but with kids it is such a big deal not just for me, but especially for them.
I did not get any returns from various e-mails and contacts for the Cycling Development Project, a.k.a "Pokey Joe's Cafe´ today. I did get to schedule some training time for myself and have been looking for a used MTB. I really need to get some call-backs so I can start looking at investors to start working on the equipping of the club riders. Time just seems to be flying and this is back logging my actions to move things along. Patience needs to be my friend, or I will implode on this project and I can't let that happen. This Cycling Development Club means so much to me on so many levels. The main one is the passion I have for cycling and being able to spread the love and make a difference. I am also getting physically old which is taking me out of the role as a competitor and at the same time I'm stoked about mentoring. All I can do is my part to see it through step-by-step.

Bicycle Sunset WP

I will start thinking about recruiting some very knowledgable coaches/racers/enthusiasts that share in this passion and aren't focused on $ signs.

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