Things Are Starting To Roll Here At Pokey Joe’s Cafe´

After a rough start to 2013 where influenza has struck the Ruddy household we are working hard to spread the word. Pokey Joe’s Cafe´ will be making calls to local bike shops, Fitness centers, and area schools via their athletic departments to tell all parties about Pokey Joe’s  Developmental Cycling Club. This will give students from area schools the option of Cycling as an athletic, recreational, and social option to develop a more healthy lifestyle. With more “pay to play” sports being commonplace in schools due to cuts in education spending. We here at Pokey Joe’s  Developmental Cycling Club feel that giving Parents and students other options for their children’s physical fitness as well as a solid social scene that will focus on building close inter-personal relationships.

I would like to say that this idea has kicked itself around in my head and on various search engines and websites. I would like to give a big thanks to The Texas High School Cycling League. They are the governing body of High School Cycling Clubs in the great state of Texas and work with the following:

International Olympic Committee (IOC):  Governs the Olympic Games and recognizes / works with one governing body for each Olympic sport.

United State Olympic Committee (USOC): Governs the US delegations to the Olympics and works with all the official governing bodies for Olympic sports in the U.S.

USA Cycling: (USAC): The sole governing body for cycling in the U.S. that is recognized by the UCI and USOC.  USAC is essentially the parent company or organization for the: National Off Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) which governs mountain biking and other dirt stuff, United States Cycling Federation (USCF) which governs road bicycle racing (I also think track and cross fit in here), National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA) which governs collegiate cycling, and USPRO which governs professional racing in the U.S.

Local Associations: To help govern cycling and aid grassroots cycling development USAC has developed a network of local associations to govern cycling in the various regions throughout the U.S.  Essentially these associations govern and take care of the nuts and bolts of bicycle racing throughout the U.S.  These associations take care of putting together a race schedule, approving race permits on behalf of UASC, assigning officials, handling upgrades, and more.   Some examples of these associations are: Texas Bicycle Racing Association (TXBRA), Wisconsin Cycling Association (WCA), New England Bicycle Racing Association (NEBRA) and more.

I have sent out some e-mails to sponsor advocates with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). They have an Indie Club Program which seems to be a test drive for what they can offer on a Statewide based Development Program. This is the link to show all they can offer. So far what I have read is quite impressive.

Please look it over and let me know what your thoughts are. I feel like this could definitely work and for me the time is right. I’m not employed, I’m not training to do any serious racing, and I need a project that I can fall in love with that serves an awesome purpose. I know I have had this project floating around for a couple of years and have dabbled in the research, but C’mon man, the time is now.


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